‘Stay where your feet are’ – Ljubljana

What does it feel to be present? To be only here in the now? and fully experiencing the moment? Free from any weight of the past and free from any anticipation of the future.

Just Free! Free to realize that only you can control how you feel. About anything.

How you see things, what they really are, realize that you can control your thoughts and emotions and don’t be mislead  to thinking that you’re supposed to do anything.

You are supposed to do only what you chose to do.

And that’s exactly why we went on a spontaneous road trip. First stop was Vienna, that was the only destination we had already fixed a few days before. Besides that, we often don’t know till the night, where we gonna go next and I’ve to admit, what a marvelous way to travel not knowing where you gonna end up the next day.


Well, I’m gonna tell you more about our days in Vienna later. For now, the next stop after Vienna was Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city.

Ljovely Ljubljana

Ljubljana, a definitely underrated city in Europe – Chic cafés, trendy bars, delicious food, charming lanes, lovely people and a bit of italian flair. I never saw such a charming city and yes, I was definitely surprised by it.
As Slovenia’s capital city is not that big, the best way to explore Ljubljana is either by foot, strolling along the old city centre, or by bike. Just grab a map and get going. All the main attractions are in walking distance and to fully explore the gorgeous city, get lost in all the side streets.
We could enjoy Ljubljana for 3 days. Arriving in the evening we directly went to have a first look.
Lockers bridge
Market halls of Jože Plečnik along the river Ljubljanica
IMG_2174_newIMG_2447_new IMG_2185_newIMG_2196_new IMG_2197_newIMG_2210_new

Pogačarjev trg
IMG_2239_new IMG_2226_newIMG_2244_new IMG_2240_newIMG_2219_newIMG_2265_new
IMG_2515_newIMG_2254_newIMG_2278_newIMG_2282_new IMG_2284_new
Three Bridges
Ljubljana has plenty of fancy places

IMG_2320_newIMG_2314_new  IMG_2327_newIMG_2335_new

Ljubljana castle // Die Burg von Ljubljana
tram from Krekov trg up to the castle


IMG_2404_new St. Nicolas Dom & Ljubljana Grad

Miklosiceva Street, old Ljubljana
Tivoli Parc
IMG_2445 - Arbeitskopie 2_new
The three bridges
Kongresni trg // congress square // Kongressplatz


“Where there is song, you can safely stay, wicked people have no songs”. // “Wo man singt, da lass’ dich ruhig nieder, böse Menschen haben keine Lieder”.


Definitley try the local food
IMG_8474_newIMG_8580_new IMG_8482_new

The other side of Ljubljana
IMG_2517_new IMG_2533_new      IMG_8598_new
Leave one pair of shoes in Ljubljana.

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