It’s a lovely sunday afternoon in Taipei City as we took the taxi to Jiufen. The most common way to go to Jiufen is by bus. it. It takes approximately 1 hour and the buses are leaving in front of the MRT station ‚Zhongxiao Fuxing‘. You can’t miss. A 40 minutes ride later we got dropped off in a hustling street in a small town in the mountains with an amazing view.



Stepping into Jiufen’s most bustling Street, the Old Street, you can find countless shops, restaurants, food stands, handicraft stalls, guesthouses and teahouses. As soon as you take a foot into the Old Street of Jiufen, you have to follow the crowd of people. Shop after shop, food stall after food stall, let it go and go with the crowd to experience the hustle and bustle. Join the long lines of people, who queue for the sake of food and you literally can eat your way through this street. The most famous local product of Jiufen are the Taro Balls. Entire freshly picked taro are used and finely pureed before wrapped tightly in flour. The consistency is soft and doughy and you can taste the sweetness of taro. I just tasted a sample given to me as I’m not a big fan of the jelly-like consistency. Although Taro has indeed a delicious taste. We went for a Taro Puff, a pastry filled with ice cold Taro-cream, and the only word I can say is ‚mmmmhhhhhmmmm‘. Absolutely worth a try.

Taro Puffy

Another speciality are the Sweet Potato, Green Tea and Taro Balls. It can be found in almost every part of Taiwan among Jiufen’s are apparently the most famous. I missed out to try them, I definitely go for it the next time. As I didn’t know beforehand, that the town has so much to offer regarding food, well stupid me, we are in Taiwan, here is all about food, I just had lunch before we started our day-trip. Consequently I couldn’t try that much as I wanted to in the end. Next time, for sure.

Taro Balls

Hanging wish paper

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It’s tea time

An indeed nice experience was going to one of the numerous teahouses. First, we had to take off our shoes and got some nice slippers instead before the waiter brought us to our table at the terrace with an breathtaking view. We ordered ‚Oolong Tea‘, one pot for 2-5 person. Well, it was enough tea for all of us.

After ‚tea time‘ we let the day end by walking one lane of the old street down stairs and taking some last pictures. Jiufen is a very nice part of Taipei and is doubtless worth a visit, especially by good weather.


Oolong Tea with a view


IMG_8007_newIMG_6183_new   IMG_7963_newIMG_6179_newIMG_8000_new

What would be a trip in Taiwan without visiting at least one Temple. We went to the Fushan Temple, which is just next to the Oldstreet of Jiufen.

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