Spring Break – Kenting

What happens in Spring Break,
stays in Spring Break!

Enough said, I guess.
That was the reason to don’t hesitate when there came the question, if I wanna join for Spring Break! Bikini, Flip Flops and here we go, where’s my cocktail that’s supposed to be in my hand, I’m reeeeady!

Sooo yeah, my first Spring Break experience! How it was? 
My résumé: when you have the chance to go to Spring Break, hell, goooo.
Immediately grab your stuff and leave for a few days of SUN // BEACH // SEA // POOLS // BIKINIS // BEACH BODIES // MUSIC // ALCOHOL what else do you need for an awesome weekend? Exactly!! Nothing else, that’s more than enough!!

Indeed, it was a great weekend: meeting loads of new people, partying 3 days in a role, lounging at the beach during the day – enjoying life at its finest!

Well, we don’t want to exaggerate though, it was a really good weekend but I also saw too much of what I actually didn’t want to. People sometimes forget their manners, how to behave and also turn into something you won’t expect at all. Hence, such events are always kinda eye-opening concerning people and their true face, but that’s why we do love them basically or not?!

Kenting, the place to be!

Kenting is in the south of Taiwan, a popular holiday destination and well known for it’s beautiful beaches and the sunny weather. That was exactly what we got, incredible heat and great moments at the beach. Well, sunburn included though.
The city itself is not that exciting, well, we actually haven’t seen that much of it though. The most famous attraction is the National Park, which is really beautiful. But y’know, during an event like the Spring Break, everything is in an exceptional state and not really comparable to the usual daily life. I mainly got to see the beach and that was quite nice. Although, when you’re in Taiwan, Kenting is worth visiting for one, two days, or even better, during Spring Break. 🙂 Wanna know more about Kenting, then have a look here.

Unfortunately, I didn’t took many pictures. I didn’t bring my phone, it was actually too hot for doing anything and as I said, what happens at Spring Break, stays at Spring Break.

Before we went to Kenting, we’ve spent two days in Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in Taiwan, of which more in my next post.







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