Ooh lala, Bonjour Paris!

Ohhh, Paris! I immediately get hearts in my eyes when I think of Paris. Before I went there, I absolutely did not understand the hype about Paris. I’ve been to France before but just at the Côte d’Azur. Well, this area of France is amazingly beautiful and I always thought of coming back but I never felt the urge to visit Paris. How unknown I was.


Driving back from England to Austria with my car I decided to make a short stop in Paris. I thought, I’m already in France and close to the capital city, so why don’t make a stop there? Knowing that I might wouldn’t have such a chance that soon again. It’s just two nights that we stayed in Paris but I’ve to confess I immediately fell head over heels in love. To be honest, it’s what I have never expected. I promise, you can’t help it.

Paris is so lovely and has indeed a special flair. You are immediately more relaxed and you don’t feel as you would have to hurry. By foot is the best way to explore the city and have a glance on the lifestyle of the Parisienne and their incredible stylish look.

Walk along the Seine, stroll around the Louvre and take pictures at the Eiffel Tower, have lunch in one of the little bistros, drink a coffee and watch the passengers walking by. Life can be so sweet!

Paris in 24 hours

Although Paris has a mentor, taking a walk through Paris is the best way to explore the city. Here’s a suggested route to get all the famous landmarks of Paris to see and additionally, to enjoy at least a bit the flair of the city.

  1. Lets start the day at ‘Centre Pompidou’, which directly leads you to the famous church ‘Notre Dame’. Being disappointed by its size, I was surprised that it wasn’t as dirty as I expected.
  2. Lets walk along the river Seine, down the street ‘Quai Francois Mitterrand’, which leads us directly to the worlds most famous museum ‘Le Louvre’. My tip: leave the main street and go downstairs to walk along the riverside. You will have a beautiful view. Take your time at the Louvre. Stroll around, you won’t get the chance to go inside as it takes you at least 2 hours queueing at the entrance.
  3. Enjoying the vicinity when walking through the ‘Jardin des Tuilleries’ you will reach the ‘Place la Concorde’. From there you can get a sight along the whole ‘Champs Élysées’ to the ‘L’Arc de Triumph’.
  4. Now lets go to the landmark of Paris ‘Le Tour Eiffel’. For that you cross the Seine at Pont Alexandre III and follow the street ‘Rue Fabe’r till you reach ‘Rue Saint-Dominique’. Go along this street to house number 88. Here, at ‘Le Malabar’, a typical modern Parisienne Bistro, you’ll take your lunch.
  5. From the Bistro you can go straight away to the Eiffel Tower, as it’s not far away. Stroll around their, kiss your beloved ones, it’s worthy. I was pretty astonished of the Tower. Never expecting that it’d be that fulminant, very impressive indeed.
  6. Then, take a ride! Rent your first ‚Velib‘ The velib is a bicycle-rent system that allows people to ride a bicycle for free if each ride lasts less than 30 minutes. If you take it longer than you will pay little more than 1€. You’ll find some velib stations in one of the side streets close to the Eiffel Tower. Drive straight back to the Place de Concorde through the street ‘Cours la Reine’. But please drive carefully, we had our problems at the Place de Concorde and caused a little disorder at the beginning of the Champs-Élysées. You have to think of your route before you start, cause 30 minutes are really not as long as you might think :D. Drive to the ‘Gallery Lafayette’. Nooo! Not what you think! You don’t have time for shopping but it’s also quite nice to see it from the outside. Well, it’s a must.
  7. From there find the next Velib station and get another bike. Now you’re going to drive to the artist quarter of Paris, the Montmartre. Watch out, you’ve an ascend till you reach ‘Sacre Coure’. Squander a bit of your time there. You’ll get a really nice view over Paris. Drink a beer and have a little chat with the other tourists.
  8. Having enough seen for today, go down the streets of Montmartre, go into one of these great Patisseries and get some Macrones, Pain au Chocolate and Caramel – mhmm delicious. From here, just stroll long the streets, where ever you want, and have dinner in one of the lovely Bistros.
  9. When it’s already dark, take the metro to Alma Marceau and go the bridge ‘Pont de l’Alma’. A marvelous view to the Eiffel Tower will be your reward. Paris looks incredible at night. Slow down and enjoy the night.

What a day, right?! But it’s worthy, I promise.
My nicest experience with the Parisian, was getting compliments for my look from an old lady. I was pretty astonished and at the same time thrilled that the locals are so nice and really helpful. The rumor that French People are arrogant and willing to just talk in French, is definitely not true. I’ve never expected that this city would capture my heart! I definitely have to come back for a longer stay!

What are your experiences of Paris? Did you love it like I did?

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