New York, New York!

‚Start spreading the news I’m leaving today I just want to be a part of it’


What else do I have to add? Hell, it’s New York!

It was literalley in the last minute that I could use the chance to go to New York for two weeks. One week working in an Marketing Agency, yes another trip with my university, and one week for exploring the city that never sleeps. The first days at the agency were really tough though. Working almost day and night also lead to a great time with my colleagues.

IMG_6216_new Yeah, it’s been two exciting weeks in the Big Apple. Can you imagine:

Partying at rooftop bars
Driving with a stretch limo through the night
Seeing the glamour of the Upper East Side and the other side in Bronx
Walking over the Brooklyn bridge
Strolling along the Highlands
Having lunch in the streets of the Wall Street
Watching dance battles on the beach of Coney Island
Being part of the incomparable play ‚Sleep No More’
Sipping fresh smoothies while lounging in the central park
Jogging along the Hudson River
Getting soaking wet from sudden monsoon like rain in china town
Seeing a real fire run with american fire fighters (yes, they’re really damn good looking)
and finally breaking my nose at a scaffolding on the pavement.

Exploring a city with all its faces.


Madison Square Garden

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The worlds most interactive play

‘Hello my darling! Come with me! I’ve got something to show!’ A tall, bearded young man dressed like in the twenties lead us through a dim, smokey bar with live jazz music. That’s how the most interactive play I’ve ever seen starts. Before you get discaught in the dark, scary hotel, you get a white mask and the instruction that you’re not allowed to talk during the whole play, to take photos or videos and to lift your mask.

Get on exploration alone and be as nosey as possible to get the most out of it!’ The last words from the man in the lift before I took the first step into the dark uncertainty.

Incredibly curiosity!
That’s what I felt through the following three hours – A thrilling experience.

If you ever go to New York you have to, no, you must watch the play ’Sleep No More’ at ‘The McKittrick Hotel’. It’s extraordinary!! Having been an immersive experience, it was the best theater that I’ve ever seen.
The show is put on by a company called ‘Punchdrunk’. It’s an adaption of Shakespeares’ MacBeth. Well, I suppose even  Shakespeare wouldn’t recognize it. As you might already noticed, it’s a play where the audience is invited to participate. So you don’t sit on a chair. You’re going to chase the actors through the whole hotel.

My eating tips

The Financial District in Manhattan, at Stone Street! If you don’t know, it’s quite hard to find, this little street between all the skyscrapers where one pub and one restaurant follows the other. There, you sit in the streets and enjoy your ‘Weißwurst’ from Bavarian, your ‘Schnitzel’ from Austria or the Burger from America. That’s what I truly love about New York! It has so many faces and hidden places where you don’t feel at all as you would be in a city with more than 8 Million inhabitants.

For all Vegans:

  1. Cupcakes, muffins, little cakes in the takeaway café in Tribeca and yummy meals in Brooklyn – Vegan, Glutren-free and Raw food. ‘Sun in Bloom‘ is a real insiders’ tip.
  2. From homemade icetea to fresh self-made Pita bread – one of the best Falafel I ate in New York, was at ‘Nish Nush‘. You get delicious Vegan and Vegetarian food. Could someone open a branch in Austria, please?!?!
  3. The Americans and their Bagels. For breakfast, snack or even for lunch. Not really understanding their fuss about it, I had to change my mind. I do love them. You get them in all variations; filled with salad, meat, vegetables, hummus, cream or what ever you want. The best ones have been right around the corner of our hotel. I promise, there you get the best Bagels in NYC, Bagel Maven Cafe, 362 7th Ave (W 30th Street).
  4. Benny’s Burritos, a crazy little Mexican restaurant at 113 Greenwich Ave in West Village. They serve delicious food, even more delicious cocktails, nice people, great staff and nice music. Do you need more for a great dinner out? Special Tip: they have also vegan dishes on their menu.
  5. Hot Dog with Sauerkraut! Gray’s Papaya, the most famous Hot Dogs in New York City. Of course we had to try it, we had to queue though. Strange taste but pretty good.
  6. And hell, please explore the Organic shop ‘Whole Foods Market‘. It’s a paradise for all those who love organic food or something different with high quality on their plates.

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Have you ever been to New York? If yes, what did you like the most? If not let me know what you would like to see.
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