Cuba Libre

Viva la revolution! Che Cheuvara!
Rum! Cigares! Old cars! Music!

That’s what actually occurs to everyone who hears C U B A. And hell guys, you’re so damn right!

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Having been my first distance flight, I travelled with my university for two weeks literally back to the fifties. Cuba, is such an incredible country, Communism is everywhere though.

First things first, if you have Cuba on your bucket list, it’s time to go. The culture. The people. And most importantly the drinks. Anything hasn’t changed in years. You won’t feel anywhere more free than in Cuba.

Our journey started in the capital city. Staying there a few days we had a bit of time to explore Havanna. You definitely shouldn’t just stay in the touristic areas of the island, like Varadero. There you won’t get to see the real Cuba and its fascinating spirit. Well, keep going. Next stop: Cienfuego. Absolutely my favorite town in Cuba right before Trinidad.







Finally the journey lead us from Santa Clara to our last stop Varadero, just for two days completely relaxing.  After two weeks on the road in Cuba, I never thought how you can appreciate a normal tidy toilet with a lockable door, paper and a basin with running water and soap. Cuba undoubtedly encourages you to go back to your roots and to appreciate the little things in life.



Havana Club Rum, the one and only rum in Cuba. Tradition states that when opening a bottle of it you should pour the first drops on the floor, for the saints, and when toasting you should say ‚salad, poor que la belleza sobra‘ which means ‚to your heart, since you’re already so beautiful‘.

Drinking and Dancing goes hand in hand in Cuba. Bars and Clubs play the best tunes and yeah hell, the boys do know how to dance.

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Worth doing; Take a classical ride in an American car, Havana’s major attraction. It’s an unforgettable experience.


Ernest Hemingway (writer) spent a lot of time in Cuba.


To know before you go

Take everything you need with you as there are little things like suncream are hard to get. As well as money, it’s better to take an amount of cash with you when traveling to cuba, because cash machines are even harder to find.




It was marvelous!

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