Brighton & Hove, actually

9th of June 2013, that was the day my love for UK and especially for Brighton has taken its beginning. Why? Because Brighton is the coolest, hippest, trendiest, quirkiest little town in the UK, a place where you can just let lose and go wild. And that’s exactly what I did throughout the 12 weeks living in Brighton & Hove. It was the first time that I spent such a long time in a foreign city. Well, loving to travel since i turned twenty but never had the guts to go longer abroad than for a short city trip.


Being completely unsatisfied with my job and the rest of how my life has become in the last years,  i felt the urge for a change. I wanted to improve my english language skills and live somewhere else in the world. Having made this determination, it all went really fast: quite my job, decided me for the city ‚Brighton‘, packed my things and left Austria. My first adventure, alone, the first time without friends, my boyfriend and family.

Excited as hell, lots of tears and a few wrong streets later, I arrived at my new home ‚Westbourne Villas‘. A student house with 12 people from all over the world and holy cow next to the beach. I immediately fell in love.

IMG_0303_new IMG_0309_new

Knocking at the door on that sunny sunday afternoon not knowing that the best time of my life was starting right now. I was so shy and I took myself so under pressure to meet new people in the first 3 weeks that I’d forgotten to enjoy all the beauty of my new temporarily life. But that, thankfully, changed exactly in that moment as I decided to stop forcing and hunting things and just let the things go and happened as they’d come. Westbourne Villas and my flatmates became my home, my family. I met the best and most gorgeous and lovable people. We danced, we laughed, we loved, we cried. All in all we had an incredible time.

Well, enough with the nostalgia, coming back to the city itself. Brighton has always been a popular holiday destination for Brits. Sparkly, vibrant, at the sea and just plain fabulous, what’s not to love?


It’s not easy for me to put a finger on why exactly I love Brighton so much.

  • The lovely, very helpful and nice habitants? That the Brits queue everywhere and for everything?
  • That they say ‚hello‘ and ‚thanks‘ to their bus drivers? That you can do whatever you want in Brighton?
  • That strangers talk to you at the bus station and you don’t get panicked and feel the urge to run away and scream for help? That the British people are not as cold and distanced as their reputation is?
  • That British politeness is not a rumor?  The different faces of the city itself but the houses look all the same?
  • That it’s the most tolerant city in UK? The sea? The Pier?
  • That the Royal Pavillion looks like you’re in India and not in England? The amazingly cute tearooms? The Pubs and that you get great beer and ales? Or the food? yes you read it right, the food! You can find great restaurants and pubs with delicious english food everywhere in the city and it’s, I promise, really good.
  • Or the seagulls? Yeah, they don’t just poo on your head. They attack. But shall I tell you what? I even love these bugging animals on Brighton.

P1060499_newIMG_5494_new IMG_1186_new IMG_5453_new

As you might have already noticed, I do really love this city. All the weird and quirky parts of the city tug at my heart over and over again.

So, here are some of my favorite parts of Brighton:

The North Laine and the Lanes Brighton has tons of little neighborhoods and vibrant districts to explore. My favorite ones are The North Laine and the mildly confusing area of the Lanes. Always getting lost in the small streets of this part of Brighton, I’m sure I’ve still not seen all of them. The North Laine is an area of Brighton around the Royal Pavillion, very bohemian and cultural. Down these streets you can easily spend hours of walking around. With lots of pubs and cinemas nearby, filled with colorful shops, there is loads to do. All my favorite shops and cafés are located in these two areas.


The food scene I exactly know what you’re thinking! British food? Good? Really? Are you serious? Yes! and how serious I am! The British food is not as bad as its rumors and the food scene in Brighton will seriously convince you. I was astonished as you are but I’ve never had a bad meal in all my trips to Brighton. The wide range of different types of restaurants, plenty of ethnic dinning spots to chose from, to lovely cafes and awesome bars and pubs, it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

My Tips

Teahouse: Talk of Tea at Spring Street
Thai Restaurant: Muang Thai in Kemptown
Breakfast and ahh everything:  Bills
British food: Thomas Kemp in Kemptown, The Druids Head in the Lanes
Organic food: foodilc on the North Street and Western Road
Italian: VIP at St. James Street
Best fish & chips: Vintage Inn at the Beachy Head
Best Falafel: Fil Fil in the North Laine
Good and cheap lunch: The Wick Inn at the Palmeira Square
Café: treacle & Co in Hove opposite of Tesco
Swing & Jazz: Mondays at Mesmerist and many, many more…

What is your favorite place in Brighton? Let me know! IMG_0462_newIMG_0605_newIMG_0549_newIMG_0532_new The Area around Queens Park

I was living just for 10 days in Kemptown, during this short stay I got to know the area quite well though. I had parked my car close to the Queens Park, because there you don’t have to pay for parking. Strolling around the Queens Park, I started to really like this area of Brighton. It’s quite, green and you can easily get lost in the long streets. Photo with view over Brighton , where i parked my car. I also like the Royal Pavilion, its architecture let you dive into a different world.




The seaside in Hove Keep calm we live in Hove, actually! Being my temporarily home, i fell head over heels in love. Brighton and Hove have been two different cities in former times. With the growing population these two cities were grown together. The unofficial border is the Palmeira Square. Hove is more quite than Brighton and more a family area really. It’s not that busy as in the city center and that’s what I love about it. I can’t find words really, so have a look by yourself.

P1050853_newIMG_0710_newIMG_5526_new IMG_0964_newIMG_0696 1_newIMG_0743_newIMG_0714 1_newP1060767_newIMG_0978_new

The houses First I hated that all the streets look like the other as well as the houses. I remember that I got lost when I went from the beach back to our house for the first time. Being completely sure I’m in the right street, it turned out that I really took the wrong one. 😀 After a while I started to love the „skyline“ and even more the colored doors.


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